Cluster-to-Cluster Conference and Matchmaking - Towards New Horizons

Results from 2013 - Our last year event in a nutshell

Facts and Figures

  • 170 participants from 15 countries represention more than 70 clusters
  • 225 highly targeted meetings (199 transnational). 
  • 98 % believes that the general organization of the event was excellent or good. 
  • 90% said that there is excellent or good chance that they would participate in the event again
  • 86% answered that the event met their expectations excellent or good


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Comments from our participants

«The matchmaking was fantastic. It was a facilitated and efficient way to meet with other clusters.  We met some clusters who we did not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. And now we are collaborating with several of them»

Karen Lindegaard
Cluster Management, Welfare Tech

«It is a kind of advanced dating tool, where you and/or your cluster organization easily and quickly can create a profile online. Then you can book or be booked for meetings with the other cluster participants. In just three hours I had six meetings with potential partners of our cluster initiative»

Lars Albæk
Business Cluster Manager, Baltic Sea Cluster Development Centre


closed since 16 Aug 2014
Registration 30 Mar – 16 Aug
Meeting Selection 20 Aug – 11 Sep
Event 18 Sep – 19 Sep
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Berlin
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 202
Meetings 433
Austria 4
Belgium 8
Bulgaria 4
Czech Republic 2
Denmark 31
Estonia 2
Finland 5
France 5
Germany 45
Hungary 1
Iceland 4
Italy 3
Latvia 1
Lebanon 1
Lithuania 6
Morocco 5
Norway 13
Poland 29
Portugal 3
Serbia 1
Spain 14
Sweden 36
United Kingdom 2
Total 225
Profile Views
Before Event10473
After Event 37820